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You're Frickin' Awesome

“I think that the term ‘life-changing’ is thrown around a lot, and I never really believed in that phrase until I met Matthew. My experience with him was truly life changing. He helped me find the confidence I needed to take charge of my life.”

“Matthew helped me find the strength within myself that I had trouble finding. He spoke life and positivity into me. I found confidence in myself due to his confidence in me. Allow him to impact you and positively change you, and you will see huge change.”

Brad is a former employee and mentee of Matthew. After spending a few years together, Brad developed the confidence to follow his passion to move across the country and start his own business. 

“I had a fear of speaking in English, not to mention public speaking. Now one of my roles at work is teaching. Last year alone, I taught 5 classes, and produced 60.”

“I’m confident that opening myself up and being more vulnerable has really made me a stronger leader in both my personal and professional life, and I honestly owe a lot of that to his great example of open and honest leadership.”

“He unlocked such a potential in me that I thought I might have had, but I didn’t know at that level and scale, and he brought it out in me. He pushed me out of my comfort zone, and asked me the tough questions, and made me ask myself tough questions.”
“Britt gave me genuine encouragement, which made me feel heard, and like I had something to say.”
“He showed me that I could be the force for change that I wanted to see in my company. He has experience in developing individuals into the kind of leader that they want to be. His stories and experiences make it easy to understand and connect with the lessons.”
“Matthew has a fantastic ability in finding what it is that you’re good at and what’s special about you, and making you see it. He makes you see yourself the way that others see you. He is enthusiastic about helping others succeed and be the best version of themself.”
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A man waves on a Zoom call with his executive coach.
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You're Awesome!

You wouldn’t be spending your limited time on a website that is focused on helping people become the next best version of themselves if you weren’t already a frickin’ awesome person! And we know from experience, you almost certainly deserve more appreciation than you’re getting from your team, peers, superiors, family, and friends. So, we’re going to give it to you. We’re going to love the hell out of you, whether you like it or not! 

(Here’s a secret: Everyone loves being loved. Some just act tough at first.)

We'll Give Each Other Love

Is this some sort of hippy-dippy, kumbaya, love fest? Well, the kind of person who’s into that will definitely be into our work, but that isn’t the focus. We’re focused on treating humans like humans and respecting and caring for one and other.

We’re going to hold you up and honor the incredible things you have done and continue to do. You’re going to do that for your peers in your cohort, too. What you will discover is that there are a lot of people in the world that think and feel like you do, and that they’re really awesome, just like you! 

The camaraderie and companionship will help make everyone, especially you, feel more excited and empowered to navigate through the long and hard journey to becoming the Leader you need and want to be.

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A woman waves on a Zoom call with her executive coach.