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Matthew D. Anderson

Matthew’s passion is to be of service to others — His mission is to help others to do the same! After a COVID-influenced layoff, he thought a lot about what he wanted to do next. With the opportunity to do anything, he decided to combine his skills, abilities, passions, education, and experiences to build a company he wished he had available to him earlier in his leadership journey. And with that, Leadership Coaching for Results was born.

What to expect from Matthew: Matthew is compassionate, intense, and intentional with his interactions. When you are in his presence, he seeks to make you feel like the only person in the room. He also won’t let anyone bullshit themselves. He’s been known to say, “I’m not trying to be your friend, I’m acting like your coach. You might hate me today, but by the time we’re done, I’m confident you’ll be thanking me for helping you become who you want to be.

Matthew D. Anderson, founder of Leadership Coaching for Results, smiles at the camera.

A Few of Matthew’s Accomplishments Include:

Britt DeRoos Headshot

Britt DeRoos

When we find ourselves feeling stuck or like we’re not operating at our fullest potential, it’s often because we’re trying to fit within a box of who we think we’re supposed to be. It’s easy to adopt a one-size-fits-all mentality when it comes to leadership because of the traditional way that leaders have been groomed, identified, and portrayed in society for a number of decades. With a static and limited idea of what a leader looks like, we find ourselves continuously comparing ourselves to this ideal, which inevitably leads to feeling like we’re not quite measuring up.

We need to redefine the overarching concept of what a Leader is and how they are to impact the lives around them. Embracing our true potential as Leaders requires us to recognize that while we might share similar goals, no two Leaders are identical. It is when we fully realize and utilize our personal talents that we are able to best serve others through our unique leadership and Leave Our Mark on the world.

Through  my undergraduate degree in Clinical Community Psychology and my experience as a psychological researcher at the University of Michigan, I became fascinated with the intricacies surrounding human motivation, rationalization, and emotion. After helping individuals struggling with developmental disorders and substance abuse in community mental health, I continued to expand my service to those in the business sector. I find it fascinating that regardless of the job title or personal background, we share so many common struggles as well as universal goals. For years now, it has been my privilege to coach others in overcoming their obstacles and helping them to create lives that honor their personal values.

All of us want to feel like what we do matters and that our existence means something to the organization we work for, the community we live in, and the people we love. All of us question our aptitude, allow constructs of what we should or shouldn’t do influence our actions, and all of us gauge ourselves against some external standard of success, whether we’re conscious of it or not. Similarly, all of us have infinite potential in creating a legacy and positively impacting the lives of others; it’s simply a matter of recognizing that potential and determining an effective approach to achieve it.

Leadership Coaching for Results won’t try to shape you to fit a predetermined mold or impose restraints on how you can effect change as a Leader. We recognize and respect your individual gifts, goals, and personal leadership journey. The things that make you unique will unlock your innate power and help you become the Leader you need and want to be. Matthew’s coaching and the tenets of this work are what helped transform me from the anxious individual contributor who was afraid to speak up in meetings into a confident Leader who makes decisions that align with my values and desires in the workplace, with my family, and in the world. I am so proud and grateful to be part of this journey to help you become the Leader you need and want to be, because I can attest to the immense impact that this work has on elevating the lives of those we serve.