A Note from Matthew

We're here for you

“What the **** just happened?”

That was all I could ask myself on my first day of COVID-influenced unemployment.

I was at the peak of my career, having recently completed two graduate degrees, being recognized as the #1 Corporate Trainer in the World, being asked to lead a mental health non-profit, and then securing the approval for $3M in State funds to pilot a program. Then COVID hit and killed it. I shifted to working with Washington D.C. and secured a new $3M in the CARES Act. The money took forever to arrive while all of the other funding sources dried up. I was the last expense, and for the long-term good of the non-profit had the unique experience of laying myself off.

After working successfully and without incident for 19 years, this was the most disorienting professional experience I had ever faced. I didn’t screw up or fail to deliver, and yet, I went from being a highly compensated consultant to applying for unemployment. While the variables of the story are unique to me, the experience is not. Countless good people who did their jobs well found themselves without work, and of no fault of their own.

I spent a lot of time thinking about what I wanted to do. If I could do anything, I wanted to take the opportunity to serve and help others to be the best version of themselves. I decided to combine my skills, abilities, passion, education, and experiences to serve people in a way that I would have liked to have been served earlier in my career. I started Leadership Coaching for Results to help others. Now I’m ready to help you.

Having the professional experience I had with COVID has led me to have deep empathy for those who became unemployed due to COVID. As a result, I am committed to serving a select group of 24 individuals who are currently unemployed to help them get back on their feet. This is going to be my two teams of 12 re-emerging Leaders that I’m calling my COVID Comeback Crew.

The Leadership Master Program is exactly the next step that will help you to regain confidence, rebuild self-worth, and learn a new set of skills and tools to bounce back as the Leader you have always wanted to be. You can learn more about the specifics of the program by clicking here.

For our purposes in this exact moment, know that you have an opportunity to be selected to participate in an exclusive offering. I’m going to work with two groups of 12 individuals who have become unemployed not as a result of their actions, but because of an external force that no one could prevent. And I’m going to make this offer to you: Put a little bit of money down to show you really are serious and don’t pay for anything else until you find employment.

The Leadership Mastery Program retails for $2,400. For this unique opportunity, you only pay $500 up front, or about 20% of the program cost. We’ll deal with the remaining balance once you find new employment. Heck, your new company might even pay the rest on your behalf since you’re growing and becoming more valuable to them!

For those who would like to really dig in and also participate in our Executive Coaching service, which is two one-hour calls per month for a year, one-on-one with me, I just ask that you pay what you can and commit to paying the rest as soon as is realistic once you’re hired. That service is $6,000 for a year. I would be honored to help you navigate through this portion of your journey.

So, what’s the next step? 

To be selected as one of the 24 members of the COVID Comeback Crew, I ask that you write to me WHY you should be selected. We only have 24 slots and expect the demand to exceed the opportunity. I want to hear your story: where you’ve been, where you are now, and where you want to go. Don’t worry about how long or short it is — Tell me about you and the human you are. That way, I can make sure that the people who will all click together the best are selected. I want your experience to be positive, and this is how I can help ensure that.

There will be two groups of 12 meeting for 90 minutes, once a month, for a year.  One group will meet on the 3rd Wednesday of every month, starting June 16th, and the other will meet the 3rd Thursday, starting June 17th.  Both will meet virtually from 4:00-5:30pm EST.

Send an email to Matthew@LeadershipCoachingForResults.com with the title, “COVID Comeback Crew Request.” I will collect all of the submissions through June 4th and will notify you by June 9th to share if you’ve been selected to join us for one of the two programs!

COVID sucks, but you don’t. I’m trying to help those in need and serve where I can. Let’s work together to help you be the Leader you need and want to be and get you ready to Leave Your Mark on the next organization that will be lucky to have you on their team!