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Your Lightbulb Moment

“I had recently gotten a new position, and was having a lot of doubts.  I reached out to Britt.  She asked me questions, and helped guide me to the answers I needed for myself.  Without her support and guidance, I would still be struggling, and would not be the leader I am today.”

“Matthew will help you find what’s important to you and then will guide you to achieve that. He won’t bring his ideals into it — He’ll help you do what’s right for you.”

“Matthew helped me realize that I needed to get out of my own way, and that I can attain any goal I set out to attain. He opened my eyes. I listened to him, took his advice, put it into place, and I’ve never been happier in my entire life.”

“I started to develop a style that made me more confident. I’m self-assured and confident in the decisions that I make.”
“The overall project efforts went phenomenally well. When I asked my team about it, they said, ‘It’s because you show us that you care.’ I learned that from Matthew.”
“At some point in our lives, we question our own career paths and life choices, and we lean on our support group. Matthew has been a great friend with sound advice.”

“He takes the time to get to know you. To get to know what’s important to you. And he encourages you and asks those hard questions that push you to become the Leader for your life.”

“I was nervous to speak up in meetings because I had less experience than those around me. Britt helped me find my voice, and today I’m a Leader on my team.”

“I’ve been able to develop and transform myself into the intentional person that I need to be. I don’t just think before I say or do something, but I put myself in the other person’s shoes.”
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Act Like a Leader

We believe that every single person has the inherent ability to be a Leader for themselves and those around them. Sometimes the world just gets in the way.

When we work together, we’ll acknowledge that mean people exist and that bad things happen. Then we’re going to act like Leaders and push past it all. You already have everything you need inside of you to become a Leader. We’re going to help you dig it out, put it to practice, and start living like the Leader you need and want to be.

Your Lightbulb Moment

One of the things we love the most is watching the moment when a person’s lightbulb goes off, and they realize, “Oh my God…I get it…

That moment comes to different people at different times for different reasons, but it comes for everyone. We’re going to provide you with the environment to learn and grow with a group of peers who are also craving to be better Leaders than they are today. You’ll play a key role in that experience for yourself and for those in your cohort, as we all discover things about ourselves that allow us to be the Leaders we need and want to be. As a team, we’ll all transform into the next best version of ourselves and emerge as Leaders.

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